Here are some websites that have been very helpful in my research.

SustainableTable has information on sustainable agriculture and problems with our current agricultural system, including factory farming. The website also has a page entitled ‘Sustainable Kitchen,’ which has recipes broken up by season.

ObamaFoodorama is a blog about White House food initiatives, from ‘eat and greets’ with Barack to Michelle’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

FoodRenegade is a website all about SOLE (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical) food. It has all the information on factory farming and raw milk, as well as delicious recipes.

The USDA Blog is a useful resource for seeing what action is being taken from the top.

FoodRoutes is about the benefits of eating local, and how far typical grocery store food travels to arrive on our plates.

The EatWellGuide can help you find local farmers and local vendors.

My research on Pink Slime came from an opinion piece entitled, “The Pink Menace” by Mark Bittman (New York Times), an article entitled, “Safety of Beef Processing Method Questioned” by Michael Moss (New York Times), and these videos from ABC News.

I highly recommend this article: “Is a Food Revolution Now in Season?” (New York Times) for everything currently food related.

For more about urban gardens, check out: “Victory Gardens vs The Cheeto Tree” (Chef’s Blade) and CivlEats – Roof Garden Rookies.

For more on Alice Waters, check out this Q&A from Time and “Alice Waters’ Crusade for Better Food” (CBS News).


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