Miya’s Sushi

“because man cannot live on rice alone”

The menu at Miya’s Sushi in New Haven is more like a novel. Each item on the menu has a paragraph beneath explaining where the ingredients came from. There are pages expressing the philosophy of the restaurant, which is to bond people and culture with sustainability in mind.

In working towards this goal, Miya’s Sushi is not your average sushi. There are rolls with cheese, chutney, nuts, white pine needles, and peanut butter. The weirdest thing about this sushi is that it works. As for fish, Miya’s does not use typical sushi components. Over one third of all caught fish is used as food for aquaculture. Miya’s, therefore, offers many herbivorous fish that are much more environmentally sustainable. You will see tilapia, catfish, carp, bluegill sunfish – fish that not only are used less often in sushi but are also caught locally. Check out fishchoice.com to see how to find sustainable seafood in Connecticut. Miya’s also has a whole section of the menu devoted to sushi made from invasive species. Every time they make those sushis they’re helping ecosystems rebuild themselves appropriately.

Over half of Miya’s menu is centered around local, organic vegetables. Miya’s is the largest buyer from the Yale Sustainable Food Project. The menu reads, “Fortunately, the most delicious ingredients tend to be the most sustainable too!”



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